PennDOT presents the Project for Pennsylvania Transportation and Heritage (ProjectPATH). ProjectPATH provides users with a searchable database of all transportation projects programmed on the Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP).




PennDOT plans to use ProjectPATH to inform and involve the public on emergency actions it is undertaking. PennDOT will be completing Categorical Exclusion (CE) or state-level Environmental Documents (ED), mostly using the NEPA Bridge and Roadway Programmatic Agreement (BRPA) for current temporary repairs that are needed to restore connectivity of roads and bridges.

In almost all instances, temporary repairs are covered under the preserve life and property exemption, or the FHWA PA exemption category or FEMA PA programmatic allowances category. In the BRPA’s, these are being noted as exemptions. PennDOT will provide ProjectPATH with the list of flood projects with exemptions. Additionally, PennDOT is preparing an Excel Spreadsheet that will track temporary and permanent repairs. Projects that are exempted under the BRPA’s or other CE level documents will be marked as such and this information will also be shared on ProjectPATH.

Permanent repairs to be completed at a later date will be scoped and prepared as a separate CE document. Marked Section 106 exemptions for permanent repairs will also be shared on ProjectPATH both as reports and within the Excel Spreadsheet.