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Data Disclaimer

ProjectPATH includes all PennDOT state and local projects programmed on the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and legacy projects. The STIP includes all projects planned for construction in the next four years. Project data is imported from three PennDOT databases (Cultural Resources Document Tracking Database, the MPMS Database, and the CE/EA Expert System). In addition, PennDOT Cultural Resource Professionals enter data directly into the ProjectPATH System and upload important supporting documents.*

Privacy Policy

PennDOT only collects and stores your email address and contact information for log in purposes and to send you information about Department transportation projects. We do not sell or distribute your personal information. You can remove yourself from our list at any time. Please contact us at to request to be removed from the mailing list.Personal information you provide when you register is stored in a secure location and is accessible only by designated staff.

If you choose to participate as an interested individual or consulting party on a transportation project, you may be contacted by a PennDOT District Cultural Resource Professional regarding a new online posting. Please note that copies of letters received, and consulting party response forms or emails indicating that you wish to be a consulting party, are posted publicly on PATH unless you specifically indicate that you do not wish this information to be public.

The ProjectPATH site contains links to other sites. We are not responsible for the content and privacy practices of those sites, and we recommend that you read their privacy policies for further information.

Recently Completed Upgrades – As of July 24, 2018

Release NET CR 19 – July 23, 2018

Release NET CR 19 was an “under-the-hood” fix for two of the three Items.  Item 5910 has general value though.  This will now allow anyone who reaches the Project Posting Page from an e-mail to back tab to the Project Details page.







Provide link to Project Details Page from Posting Details Page

Prior to this release, when you clicked on a link to a Posting from a Project Path-generated e-mail, you did not have an easy way to tab to the Project Details page. This release creates a tab to take you to the Project Details page in this instance.


Fix error when adding a document to the Posting Details Page

Prior to this release, the SHPO could receive an e-mail notification, click on the link to the Posting Details page and add a comment, but could not upload a letter or other document without restarting from the home page. This release allows the SHPO to upload documents on the Posting Details page without backtracking.


Project Findings Reporting – correct NEPA Type Issue

Reports that were dependent on the type of NEPA document, e.g. Project Findings, did not show results after the last Release (CR 16-18). This has been corrected.


Release NET CR 16 through 18, May 2-17, 2018


Release NET CR 16 was a major “facelift” for Project PATH that changed the look and feel of virtually all pages.  An Introductory Document has been prepared and can be reached through this link.


Users of Project PATH who have been on the site before need to clear their cache and delete their browsing history before launching.  Keeping the cache files appears to lead to bad data and glitches in the functionality.


Release NET CR 16 went live May 2, 2018.  Because of the extent of the changes, some introduced issues were fixed in Release NET CR 17 (live May 4, 2018) and NET CR 18 (live May 17, 2018).  The changes for NET CR 17 and 18 are described below.







Improved Navigation on Project Details and Posting Details Pages

The focus of this Item is to improve navigation within and across the Project Details and Posting Details pages. The changes are described in the Introductory Document.


Fix Report Viewer

The way to download reports was modernized and simplified.


User Interface Modernization

This is a major refresh of the look and feel of Project PATH, including reorganization of most of the pages, establishing new links to help and other support, and improved and hopefully more intuitive operation for the public user.


Revise Project Timeline Design

The Project Timeline was changed, with an emphasis on showing steps that have been completed and any steps that are in active comment status.


Editing and Restructuring of Notification e-mails

The e-mail notifications have been reorganized and rewritten to be clearer and more straightforward.


Simplified Registration and Account Management

Registering on Project PATH and maintaining an account was simplified and reorganized to be more intuitive.


Make the All-files Button Larger and More Accessible

The All-files button was moved and enlarged to be more visible on the Project Details page.


Cleaning Up Formatting in Project Names

This corrected a glitch in the translation of names into Project PATH. It removed superfluous formatting code in the name of the project.


Tribe Listings on Tribal Notification Pages

This item fixed a weakness in the selection of Tribes by those posting to the site. Specifically, it removed duplications in Tribal Contacts.






Tribal Forms – Fix Clickable Link to Open Reports

This corrected a glitch in NET CR 16, to allow the Tribal Forms to be opened when the Tribe Name was clicked.


Spelling and Label Corrections on Project Details Page and Contact Information

Spelling corrections were made in the Project Details page and clarification for the primary phone number was made in the contact information page.


Municipality Field Fix on User Registration Preferences

For newly registered users in Project PATH, it is now possible to select a municipality as a geographic preference. Previously, only county, District, or statewide could be selected.



Correcting View of ER Number on Advanced Search

The last string of numbers for the ER number, representing the county location, was not fully visible on the screen. This has been corrected.


Streamlining SHPO Login and Comment Posting

In the new format, the SHPO needed too many steps to be able to check a posting and make a comment. A way to login at the Posting Details page was created that keeps the SHPO on the page to make a SHPO comment quickly.


Inconsistent Search Results in Map Query

Projects on the TIP were mapping by location, project name, or MPMS number in an inconsistent manner. The cause of this inconsistency was discovered to be an underlying mapping logic. A different logic has been applied and now projects on the TIP are mapping consistently.


Fix Edit Last Comment Button

In Release NET CR 16, the ability to edit the Last Comment was inactivated. It is now active.


Remove Superfluous Formatting Codes from E-mail Bodies

In Release NET CR 16, superfluous formatting codes were introduced into generated e-mail messages. These are now removed.


Cannot Remove Exemptions from Project Details

In Release NET CR 16, the ability to remove Exemptions from the Project Details page was lost. This has now been restored.


Release NET CR 15, June 25, 2017


Release CR 15 is a “housekeeping” release that addresses several minor fixes and improvements.  This release is in anticipation of a larger release planned this Fall, that will provide a make-over to the site, hopefully improving access and usability.

The Items addressed in CR 15 loosely fall into one of two groups: publicly visible changes; and, changes that are only visible to professional users.

Publicly Visible Items





Project Navigation after reaching page via hyperlink

When notified of a project and clicking on the hyperlink, users were sent to the Posting Details Page, but could not navigate to the Project Details Page from there. This improvement allows the user to click on the Project Home Page button and go to the Project Details Page directly.


Received notifications list display order doesn’t make sense

The list of organizations and individuals that received a notification is listed in the E-Posting Details Page, but the ordering was confusing. With this improvement, all organizations are listed first alphabetically, followed by all individuals listed alphabetically by last name.


Keeping Township Fields Current

The updated list of municipalities statewide has been refreshed in Project PATH, so that all current municipalities are available.


Filtering (incorrect) non-exemptions from the CE System that populates Project PATH

All exemptions made in the CE Expert System are brought into Project PATH automatically; however, when the Exemption box was marked “N/A” in the CE Expert System, then that project was also shown as exempt in Project PATH. This fix filters out those “N/A” examples.


Add State Environmental Documents to the list of NEPA Class of Action

Now State-level Environmental Documents (ED) are available as a choice in the Project Details Page for NEPA Class of Action. Note: this does not represent a change in policy. This document type has been in existence for a long time.


Format Cleanup of Reports

Reports generated from Project PATH have been revised, with extraneous fields removed. This provides a cleaner look for all Reports


Handling Security Certificates in Project PATH

When searching for projects on the main splash page, some browsers did not automatically accept the security certificate for the red line and dot project generator. This meant for some computers, no projects would show, or, they would not be clickable. This has been addressed in this release, so that all projects should appear properly and with the clickable function.


One-click direction to Project PATH Signup from Project PATH web pages

With this release, the user is directed to the sign-up page when clicking on any “Find a Project & Share your Voice” Icon.


Consulting Party Solicitation question added to Consulting Party Solicitation e-mail

Users receiving a consulting party solicitation auto-generated e-mail will also be asked whether any additional potential consulting parties are known to the recipient.

Items Visible only to Professional Users





Filtering Submitters List

The posting submitters list drop-down now includes only those current submitters


Organizing Contacts List sorting

Entities and individual contacts on the Notification Details Page is sorted alphabetically by last name and can be selected by typing in the first few letters.


Adding Documents to Document Details Page

More than one document can now be uploaded at a time in the Document Details Page


Filtering and Organizing Consulting Agency List

The drop down box for consulting agency on the Posting Details Page now puts PHMC/SHPO, FHWA, Tribes and Nations, and USACE to the top, followed by all other Consulting Agencies in alphabetical order.


Changing a Contact’s Security Group

Changing a contact’s security group from public to professional no longer generates a screen error.


Transferring Tribal Addresses into Tribal Notification Forms

Now potentially all three lines of Address in the Tribal Entity Contact Page will be carried over into the Tribal Notification Forms. Formerly, only the first Address line was carried over.


Filter ability to select Categories for Posting Details Page

Inactive categories are no longer visible and can no longer be selected for the Posting Details Page.



Recently Completed Upgrades -  as of June 28, 2017          

Release NET CR 14, June 27, 2017

 Release CR 14 is an important release that provides an upgrade to the database engine that underlies Project PATH (Sequel Server).  However, to most users, the upgrade will not be noticed.  In addition to the database engine upgrade, four bug fixes were made.





SQL Server 2014 Upgrade

This was a software upgrade to the database engine that underlies Project PATH


Removing Delays in Section 106 Concluded Box

On the Project Details Page, when there is an exemption, or when the Section 106 Concluded field (under Technical Evaluation) is marked as yes, the Project Timeline Section 106 Complete box is now showing immediately after the Section 106 is concluded. There is no longer a delay.


Consulting Party Request to Route Correctly

With this fix, a response to a consulting party e-mail request will be directed to the CRP that generated the request.


Mitigation Reports Data

With this fix, the data in the Mitigation Due, Mitigation Completed, and Mitigation Commitments reports match the data in the individual projects.


Ability to create new projects

With this fix, Project PATH Administrators can now create a new Project Details Page when the project is not listed in MPMS. This is particularly useful for Department-force jobs.

Release NET CR 13, May 18, 2017

Release CR 13 is an expansive release, covering a range of issues. Some are major upgrades; others minor tweaks, and in some cases bug fixes.


Improved User Experience – Several of these upgrades were developed to make Project PATH easier to use. 

  • It is now easier to unsubscribe from Project PATH, either by going to your contact information page, or by a link from an e-mail notification to that contact information page.Unsubscribing is by a button that toggles back and forth between subscribe and unsubscribe.(Item 3264)
  • Finding the mitigation commitments on a Project had been akin to “Where’s Waldo.”Now there is a tab on the Project Details page that will take you to the mitigation commitments, if they exist.(Item 3205)
  • Becoming a consulting party is now easier.A link on the e-mail notification opens up a consulting party request form which can be filled out and then sent to the originating CRP by a mouse click. (Item 2083)
  • Exemptions for projects are shown in code, which is defined in our Statewide Programmatic Agreement.Now users can pop up a table that explains what each code means without having to search for that Programmatic Agreement. (Item 3289)
  • We also now have the ability to send every registered user a mass e-mail.Our intentions are to use this feature judiciously, but frankly there are times to let everyone know what’s going on with the system. (3263)

Better Control over Your Interest Area – Until now, you could only register your area of geographic interest down to the county level.  With this upgrade, you can select one or more municipalities or townships as your area of interest. If your specific historic preservation of interest doesn’t extend across the entire county, now Project PATH can accommodate that. With that change, searching for projects can now be done at the municipality level.  (Items 2078, 2079, 2090)

Smaller Upgrades – Smaller upgrades than the ones above come with each release.

  • It is now possible to get a single list of documents associated with the project. Prior to this upgrade, it was only possible to get a list of documents associated with each Section 106 step. (Item 2080)
  • A new report has been added to the list of reports. This report lists all final project findings, by date range and/or by geographic region. (Item 3262)
  • Tribal Notifications have been improved by adding the ability to send information to the Tribes without requiring a concurrence. (Item 3316)
  • Cultural Resources Professionals can now promote and administrators can now demote projects from Project PATH.The goal of this upgrade is to ensure that projects that have Section 106 activity are visible to the public as soon as possible. (Item 3070)
  • Making sure that Project Exemptions made in the CE Expert system are captured in Project PATH has been more difficult to achieve, but is very important.We were able to make half of the changes in the last release (CR 11). The rest of the changes are in this release, so that all exemptions that have been made in the CE Expert System now are reflected in Project PATH, updated nightly. (Item 3070)

Bug fixes – We have addressed a few issues with Project PATH that are related to data quality.

  • Milestone dates in Project PATH were not accurate and did not match the dates in MPMS.We have established a new protocol that pulls dates from MPMS.If more accurate dates are available from our ECMS system, the more accurate dates will be used.(Item 2679)
  • For groups, the group e-mail address could not be changed or updated. Now this e-mail address can be edited. (Item 3297)
  • In some cases, for projects that had exemptions, the fact that there were exemptions made was not showing in the banner at the top of the Project Details page.This has now been fixed, so that projects with exemptions will show that fact in the banner. (Item 3341)






Differentiating Municipality versus Township

Municipalities and townships can have the same name. this change makes it clear which is which when searching by name, e.g. Smith Township versus Smith Boro.


Selecting notifications at the Township/Municipality level

This feature allows the user to specify notifications down to the township and municipality level. Previously, the user could only specify notifications down to the county level.


Master Document list

This produces a list of all documents associated with a project.


Automated consulting party sign-up

When anyone receives a consulting party solicitation by e-mail, they can now click on a link within the e-mail, which will open a form for them to apply for consulting party status.


Multiple Township Search

Some PennDOT projects span multiple townships and counties. Project PATH users can now search for these projects by any of the municipality or township it is located.


Milestones in MPMS not updating in Project PATH

This fixes a bug in Project PATH, so that milestones are better updated.


Create Project PATH MPMS Records for non-TIP Projects

Prior to this upgrade, the only projects in Project PATH were projects that are or were on the 4-year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), or projects that were manually entered by PennDOT Admin. Staff. Now, all projects that had an exemption made within the Categorical Exclusion system will appear automatically in Project PATH. Secondly, an cultural resources professional can now promote a project from the MPMS list into Project PATH regardless of whether it is on the TIP.


Relocating Mitigation Commitment pages and tabs

Prior to this upgrade, finding the mitigation commitments was difficult. Now there is a Mitigation tab on the Project Details page, which will take a user directly to the project’s mitigation commitments.


Project PATH Report for Project Findings

A new report has been added to the reporting feature, which lists all project findings of effect for a given date range and/or location.


Auto-generated e-mail to all registered users

This feature allows Admin staff to send an e-mail to all registered users.


Unsubscribe feature for Project PATH registered users

Registered users of Project PATH can now unsubscribe by clicking on one button. A link to that unsubscribe feature is contained in each project notification. Users can re-subscribe at any time with a click on the same button.


Project PATH Exemption pop-up content revision

Users can now retrieve a list of all exemptions and codes by clicking on the question mark next to the Exemption button on the Project Details Page.


Unable to add e-mail address to Entity in Project PATH

This fixes a bug in Project PATH, where it was previously impossible to change an e-mail address for a Group.


Tribal Notification e-mail and Form Notification

The Tribal Notification forms and e-mails have been revised to make clear that not all provided documents or e-mails require agreement.


Ability to demote projects and make them inactive

Admin Staff can now demote a project in Project PATH, so that it is no longer visible. This will be reserved for items in the MPMS TIP that aren’t really projects, such as the purchase of buses, or research funding.


Exempt box is not displaying on Project Details page

This fixes a bug in Project PATH where some projects with exemptions did not reflect that fact in the summary banner at the top of the Project Details page.

Recently Completed Upgrades -  as of February 23rd, 2017

Release NET CR 11, February 23, 2017

Release CR 11 was a wide-ranging release focused on Exemptions issues and deserves a bit more explanation.  First, the way Exemptions are shown has changed. Instead of being a field on the Project Details Page, there is now a View Exemptions Button that is clickable and will pop up a table showing one or more exemptions for the Project(s) under that MPMS number.  In order to tell whether there is data in the pop up table, check the Project Timeline. Section 106 Complete should be in one box, and Exempt should be in the box below*.  In addition, the Section 106 Stage and Project Effect fields should be empty.

The pop up table now shows Exemption(s) in tabular form.  This means that if the CE package in the CE Expert System contains only one NEPA document, like a Categorical Exclusion, there is only one row.  If the CE package contained multiple NEPA documents, as you would have for the Bridge and Roadway Programmatic Agreement (BRPA) documents, then there is one row for each BRPA.

The Exemption information is also better described. As before, the Exemptions are listed by the reference corresponding to the Section 106 Programmatic Agreement.  In addition, the date the exemption was made is shown, and the individual that made the exemption.  In order to differentiate NEPA documents within a single package, not only is the County, State Route, and Section number shown, but also the Segment Offset beginning and ending, and Bridge information, i.e., Bridge Key number which is unique for each bridge, and Bridge Management System (BMS) number, which is also unique for current bridges.

Generally, the Exemption information is pulled from the CE system and autopopulates these tables.  In some instances, the information is manually entered. Manually entered data will also show in the pop up box, but as listed information. There is also a statement that the Exemption(s) for that project was manually overridden.

There is one remaining flaw in the Exemption function, which will be addressed in the next release.  Some projects have exemptions in the CE System but they have not been formally programmed on the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), so they are not populated in Project PATH.  The current solution is to have the Cultural Resources Professionals create a project in PATH so the Exemption data can be populated. In the next release, we intend to address this issue by having the Project PATH system check for exemptions in the CE system and if there is no corresponding project in Project PATH, Project PATH will create one automatically and autopopulate it with the Exemption information.

Regarding data quality, what we can now say is that all of the Exemptions showing in Project PATH should match the Exemptions in the CE Expert System, from which they are drawn.  The Exemption Report now shows all Exemptions in Project PATH for the parameters defined in the query.  Finally, the only exemptions that are not showing in Project PATH are projects not on the STIP, or, active projects for which the let date is not within the next four years, or, not entered into MPMS.

*If Exempt is not showing, it may still be Exempt. There is a programming issue with that box and we will address it in the next release.






Exemptions Report Prints Columns across one page

This makes all the columns of an Exemption report show and print on the same page.


Reconciling Multiple BRPA Docs in one CE package into PATH

Because the CE Expert System holds the data for project exemptions and a CE Package could contain more than one NEPA document (hence more than one exempted “project”) a way was developed to show any and all exemptions from a CE package in Project PATH. A pop-up table was created that lists all exemptions for all projects with the same MPMS number(s), which can be opened by clicking on the “View Exemptions” on the Projects Details Page.


Date Field for Exemptions

The date the exemption was made is now shown on the pop-up table.


Exemptions from CE Expert System need to populate Project PATH

For any project that was pulled from MPMS into Project PATH, i.e, projects that are on the STIP as well as manually created project records, exemptions from the CE Expert System are now populating Project PATH. The next release is anticipated to auto-create project records in PATH when an exemption is made in the CE Expert System and the project was not pulled from MPMS into PATH.


Exemptions in Project PATH need to show up in the Exemptions Report

The exemption report now lists all exemptions that were carried over from the CE Expert System into Project PATH.


Name Field for Exemptions

The individual making the exemption is now shown on the pop-up table.


Reinstate Exemptions Report from Project PATH

Because of data quality issues, the Exemptions Report function was disabled. Now that data quality issues have largely been addressed, it is possible to retrieve and print Exemption Reports.


The Section 106 Completed Checkbox is not being selected with new exemptions

Anytime the Exemptions field is populated in a project, the Section 106 Completed Checkbox is automatically checked and the timeline is updated.


Remove Federal ID Field from reports

The Federal ID Field has never been used in PATH and was a holdover from the 1990’s. The Field was removed from the Project Details page earlier and is now removed from reports.


Contact Search not displaying specific results - Remove Purpose Field if not being used

This is an adjustment in the Contact Search function that is only available to professional users.


Release NET CR 10, November 21, 2016





Reorder Contact List

The list of contact names is reordered alphabetically by last name – only visible to professionals who have permission to post


Display list of Selected Recipients in Notifications

The selected recipients are listed on the top of a potential selection list – only visible to professionals who have permission to post


Add Google Analytics Tracking Code to Report Viewer

This will allow administrators to track usage of the system and will help us focus on future improvements – only visible to administrators. This track will be statistical and not individual.


Ability to Change District in Contact Details Page

This allows registered users to select which engineering district they are associated with.


Previously Delesected Categories Showing in P3 and Posting Histories Reports

The Section 106 Category for each posting will only show the current selections in the P3 and Posting Histories Reports, correcting a previous flaw whereby all previous categories would show whether they are current or not.


Change Labels and Titles for Historic Resources Details

The Historic Resources Tab is renamed the Historic Sites Tab – in contrast to the Archaeological Sites Tab, and, associated references to Historic Resources are renamed Historic Sites.


Add Ability to Maintain Tribal Notification CRP List

This change gives administrators the ability to edit the list of cultural resources professionals who contact Tribes – the list is only visible to professionals who have permission to post


Historic Sites Details Not Saving

Address information on Historic Sites can now be saved in the Historic Sites Details Page


Wrong Project Document in Project Timeline

This corrected a record that had documents from another project in the Timeline document list.


Nonmatching MPMS Numbers showing in Project Search

This corrected a record that appeared in a Project Search under a different MPMS number.


Remove Federal ID Field

The Federal ID Field has been removed from view as it is never referenced or updated.


FIPS Code Displaying Value for Alabama not PA

On the Historic Sites Details page, the selection of Berks County now returns Berks County on the display. Previously, selecting Berks County returned Bullock County, which is in Alabama. This was due to a flaw in the lookup table.

Release NET CR 08, September 13, 2016





Tribal Salutations

There was no way to add a salutation for tribal leaders, e.g. Chief James. This has been corrected.


Project Overview Report

Despite robust reporting capabilities in Project PATH, there was no easy way to produce a single summary report for a project, identifying what the Section 106 outcome was. A new “Project Overview Report” button has been added to the Project Details Page.


Screen Advance on Printable Report

When selecting a printable report in PATH, the page navigation arrow didn’t work. Instead, there would be a static 1 of 2? Message. This has been corrected, so the page advance does work.


Reusing Tribal Notification Comments

On the Tribal Notification Details pages, there is a place for comments. Before, the comments would auto-populate into the Tribal Notification Form, but not the electronic e-mail form. This has been corrected, so the comments will auto-populate in each format.


Details Page Question Mark Links

Explanatory links (the little question marks under terms) were not working on the Project Details Page. These links have been re-established.


Updating Tribal Contact Information

Tribal contacts that did not have an e-mail address could not be modified or updated. In addition, contact information on Tribal Notification Forms was not being refreshed. Both issues have been corrected. (Note: This information is not publicly available.)


FAX Number for Tuscarora Nation

The FAX number for the Tuscarora Nation was incorrect. Changes under CQ 2688 makes it possible to update and correct contact information, including FAX numbers. (Note: This information is not publicly available.)


Stockbridge Munsee Mohican Tribe duplicated in Contact List

In the Tribal Contact List, the Stockbridge Munsee Mohican Tribe was duplicated, making the updating of contact information difficult. This issue has been corrected. (Note: This screen is not publicly available.)


Adding CRPs to Tribal Notification CRP list

Certain Cultural Resources Professionals were not being added to the Tribal Notification CRP list. This issue has been addressed. (Note: This information is not publicly available.)

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