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PennDOT releases Decade of Investment website

| Jun 26, 2013

This week, PennDOT launched the website “Decade of Investment” which lists projects that could potentially go into planning if the transportation bill is passed. The website explains PennDOT’s plan to counteract what is being called “decades of underinvestment in our infrastructure”. This page covers everything from the structure of the plan to how it will be funded. The website also has a mapping feature that allows the public to view the location of the projects, should they receive funding.

The projects proposed in the Decade of Investment plan include everything from bridge and road rehabilitation to continuing mass transit services. The information that most Pennsylvanians will be concerned about, where the money will come from and how it will be spent, is laid out clearly on the page.

How do we finance the plan?
  • Decreases the “flat tax” portion of the gas tax by nearly 17 percent over two years.
  • Gradually deregulates the Oil Company Franchise Tax by eliminating an artificial cap over five years. When originally created, this financing method was supposed to be inflationary, but the cap has stopped this method from growing.
  • Given today’s rates for the wholesale value of gas, Pennsylvanians will benefit by seeing investment in transportation grow to approximately $1.8 billion by year five of the plan.

How will the dollars be spent?

  • Multi-modal fund: approximately $80 million each year.
  • Transit: approximately $250 million each year in new state funds.
  • Local roads and bridges: approximately $200 million each year.
  • State-maintained roads and bridges: $1.2 billion each year.
  • Turnpike Expansion: increases state funding by approximately $85 million per year to complete the ACT 61 projects and provide funds to match PennDOT investments at potential slip ramp (non-cash, all electronic interchange) connections.
  • These numbers represent the investment by year five of the plan given the current wholesale rate for gas.

Here are the Keypoints of the plan, for more information head to PennDOT’s Decade of Investment Page

Key Points

  • Addresses decades of underinvestment.
  • Decreases the flat tax by nearly 17 percent.
  • Modernizes and aligns agencies, business practices and investment strategies.
  • Ensures that all system users pay their fair share, not just Pennsylvania residents. If you don’t use the system, you don’t pay for it.
  • Enacts long-term legislation, organizational and finance plans to meet current needs and act on future opportunities.
  • Creates an inflationary financing method, ensuring that Pennsylvania’s transportation infrastructure is adequately funded into the future.


*This information was taken from PennDOT’s Decade of Investment website and does not necessarily represent the views of Preservation Pennsylvania staff, board, and members.