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Built in 1909 by the Canton Bridge Company of Canton, Ohio, Ohl Street Bridge is a twin-span, Pratt thru truss with span lengths of 125 feet by 29 feet in width with approximately 14 feet of vertical clearance. The bridge is located in Greenville Borough and carries Ohl Street over the Shenango River. This handsome and robust structure features decorative wrought iron ornamentation above the portals and a cantilevered pedestrian walkway with ornamental railing along the north side of the bridge. This is a wide bridge that was originally intended to carry streetcars in addition to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The bridge’s history is intimately tied to the nearby, historic Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad shops, the former Chicago Bridge & Iron Works and the Greenville Steel Car Works, whose hundreds of workers used the bridge to and from the Ohl Street residential neighborhood west of the river. The bridge has been closed to vehicular traffic since 2009. In an effort to preserve this historic structure, ownership of the bridge in its entirety will be transferred to an interested party for removal to a new location. The new owner will be responsible for costs associated with removal, rehabilitation and long-term maintenance of the spans. If you or your organization is interested in assuming ownership of this historic bridge, please contact Tyra Guyton of the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office,  at or at (717) 346-0617.

Ohl Street Bridge

 OHL Street

Built  1909- 2 Spans, 125' each, 29' wide, Pratt Thru Truss

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