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The bridge has been acquired by Workin Bridges and will be rehabilitated for reuse!  The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Engineering District 8-0 and the Cumberland County Commissioners seek an interested party to acquire the historic

Craighead Bridge

over the Yellow Breeches Creek, in South Middleton Township, Cumberland County.

Craighead Bridge carries T.R. 520 (Zion Road) over the Yellow Breeches Creek, in South Middleton Township in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Craighead Bridge is a single-lane, single-span Pratt through truss bridge measuring 40.8 meters (134 feet) long by 5.2 meters (17 feet) wide. The curb-to-curb width of the bridge measures 4.04 meters (13.25 feet) wide. Craighead Bridge  is an example of a pin-connected Pratt through-truss bridge.

The Pratt truss was patented by Thomas and Caleb Pratt in 1844. Craighead Bridge was fabricated in 1899 by the Pittsburgh Bridge Company and erected by their agents, Nelson & Buchannan of Chambersburg. The bridge is a good example of a pin-connected Pratt through-truss bridge, a bridge type popular for its ease of construction in the field, and weight-bearing capabilities. The bridge is one of a three remaining of its type in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Records indicate deck and stringer replacement in 1960, and additional repairs during the subsequent three decades. In 1996, Craighead Bridge was determined eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places under Criterion C as a locally significant example of a Pratt through-truss bridge that retains excellent integrity. The bridge is slated for replacement as it has been found to be functionally obsolete for vehicular traffic at this location.

In an effort to preserve this historic structure, Cumberland County Commissioners will transfer ownership of the bridge to an interested party for removal to a new location, rather than have it demolished. Federal Law stipulates that the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) can assist with moving the bridge to a new location, but FHWA's participation cannot exceed 80% of what would have been spent to demolish the bridge. The new owner will be responsible for costs associated with the rehabilitation and future maintenance of the bridge. A restrictive covenant may be required which would require the purchaser to contact the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission regarding any proposed changes to the historic characteristics of the bridge. If you, or your organization, are interested in learning more about this bridge, please contact Jeremy Ammerman, PennDOT Architectural Historian, District 8-0 at 717-705-2667, or via email at

Deadlines for bids, project construction, and removal of the existing bridge are not known at this time, but will be posted when available.

Posted April 2013

Craighead Bridge: Saved for Reuse!

Built: 1899
Bridge Dimensions:
   Approximate length: 134'
   Approximate width, 17'

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