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Built ca. 1889 by the Pittsburgh Bridge Company, the Cemetery Road Bridge is a single span, pinned Pratt thru truss with a span length of 103 feet by about 13 feet in width with a vertical clearance of approximately 8.58 feet. The bridge is located in Spring Creek Township and carries Cemetery Road (T-336) over Brokenstraw Creek. This is a classic, seven panel Pratt with laced vertical compression members, forged loop eyebar, vertical and diagonal tension members, and built-up steel floor beams that connect to the truss via unique, Z-shaped hangers. Through the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Cemetery Road Bridge served as a vital connector, facilitating agricultural traffic to and from rural farmsteads east of Brokenstraw Creek and the numerous water powered mills that lined Spring Creek to the west. The bridge has been closed to vehicular traffic since December 2012. In an effort to preserve this historic structure, ownership of the bridge in its entirety will be transferred to an interested party for removal to a new location. The new owner will be responsible for costs associated with removal, rehabilitation and long-term maintenance of the spans.  If you or your organization is interested in assuming ownership of this historic bridge, please contact Tyra Guyton of the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office,  at or at (717) 346-0617.

Cemetery Road Bridge

Cemetery Rd Bridge 010 

Built  ca. 1889, 103', 13' wide, Pratt Thru Truss

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